Business Intuition Institute

Create a Bold Future with Intuitive Intelligence

At the Business Intuition Institute, we believe that intuitive intelligence is crucial for business success.

Intuition will become a competitive advantage because AI will not replace it for the foreseeable future.

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs, executives, and teams to create a bold future with intuitive intelligence.

We help them to

  • get access to their intuition and inner genius,
  • develop a future-proof strategy and innovative business model,
  • transform their mindsets to make their businesses thrive,
  • make better decisions and achieve accelerated growth.

Our approach, intuitive intelligence, is a powerful combination of linear and creative, left brain and right brain, yin and yang, innovative and traditional, conventional and spiritual. 

The Business Intuition Institute offers coaching programs, a mastermind for intuitive leaders, and private strategy mentoring in Manhattan and around the world.


Hulan is the founder and CEO of Business Intuition Institute, an international executive coach, and strategy consultant. She guides established entrepreneurs and ambitious startups in the USA, Europe, and Asia to transform their businesses and lives, and achieve new heights of power, freedom, and fulfillment. 

Hulan believes that every entrepreneur possesses untapped potential and a unique brilliance that can be unlocked through their subconscious mind. Her mission is to unlock this potential to become the best version of themselves and to attain a bold future of abundance and impact.