Intuitive Business Design™

Revolutionize Your Business with Intuitive Intelligence


Intuitive Business Design™ is an innovative methodology that helps entrepreneurs and executives to transform their businesses with intuitive intelligence. It helps them to develop and implement unique, future-proof strategies using traditional management tools, neuroscience, and the best spiritual and mental techniques.

By accessing your subconscious, you will get clarity, insights, and extraordinary results. Intuition can help to unveil your mission and to realize your identity. Intuitive Business Design™ empowers you to define your true positioning and most profitable markets. You will envision your true goals, design your unique business model, and intuitively manifest your strategy.

As an intuitive entrepreneur, you are more than just a business owner--you are the creator of your own reality. Intuitive Business Design™ helps you balance expertise, logic, and intuition, so you can become a business magician of the new economy.



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Intuitive Business Design mastermind is a transformative 12-month group coaching program meticulously designed for forward-thinking, conscious entrepreneurs and executives.

Our mission is to shape a new business paradigm through intuitive intelligence. You'll learn how to leverage your intuition in business and align your actions with your true vision and values, helping you to build your business. Together, we can develop a future-proof strategy, design an innovative business model, and manifest your concept. You will also develop a new mindset to redefine your personal future.

Limited to a select cohort of 8–12 entrepreneurs, the Intuitive Business Design® mastermind offers a curated blend of training, coaching, and accountability calls, all underpinned by a proven methodology aimed at realizing your business and personal aspirations. As a member, you'll receive a step-by-step roadmap delineating the actions required each week to propel you toward your ambitious goals.

We believe in creating a community of intuitive entrepreneurs where everyone can experience life-changing breakthroughs, make amazing new connections, and achieve extraordinary results.


Embrace Your Inner Genius

Use intuition to generate a wealth of out-of-the-box insights and solutions. Increase the number and creativity of your ideas.

Navigate Uncertainty in the AI Age

Trust your intuition to navigate unpredictable future scenarios. Achieve more abundance and impact with a future-ready business.

Design the New Version of Yourself

Your business starts with you. Redefine yourself in the new economy. Find your spiritual purpose, values, and mission.

Define Your Compelling Future

Discover relevant megatrends. Visualize the future of your business. Adjust your positioning and vision to new technologies and markets.

Creative Business Modeling

Design profitable and future-proof business models with solid strategic and financial foundations.

Manifest Your Bold Reality

Together with your entrepreneur coach, implement the new strategy with ease and elegance using our Intuitive Business Design® tools.


Hulan is the founder and CEO of Business Intuition Institute, an international executive coach and strategy consultant. She guides established entrepreneurs and ambitious startups in the USA, Europe, and Asia to transform their businesses and lives, and achieve new heights of power, freedom, and fulfillment. 

Hulan believes that every entrepreneur possesses untapped potential and a unique brilliance that can be unlocked through their subconscious mind. Her mission is to unlock this potential to become the best version of themselves and to attain a bold future of abundance and impact.