Business Intuition Lab™

Be intuitive. Dream big. Take action.

Welcome to the Business Intuition Lab™, where the forefront of intuition meets the core of business success. Our lab offers free, weekly, interactive 30-minute workshops designed to teach intuitive business strategies and unlock the power of your intuition in business and life.

Through our curated workshops, interactive sessions, and a vibrant community of visionary entrepreneurs and executives, we provide a distinctive mix of practical tools and deep intuitive insights.

At the lab, intuition is not merely a concept—it is your untapped resource for making better decisions, fostering innovative solutions, and confidently navigating the complexities of the business world. Join us at the Business Intuition Lab™ and embark on your journey to becoming a more intuitive, impactful, and insightful leader in your field.


Unlock Your Full Potential with Intuitive Business Strategies

Engage in compact, powerful training focused on harnessing intuition in business and life.

Weekly Interactive Sessions

Join our community for weekly Zoom calls that foster collaboration and growth among like-minded entrepreneurs and executives.

Tools for Success

Gain access to practical tools, exercises, and business tips designed to improve your intuitive skills.

Continuous Learning

Benefit from an ongoing exchange of ideas, strategies, and insights that keep you at the forefront of intuitive business practices.

Transformative Experiences

Participate in activities that not only enhance your business intuition but also contribute to your personal development

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Hulan is the founder and CEO of Business Intuition Institute, an international executive coach and strategy consultant. She guides established entrepreneurs and ambitious startups in the USA, Europe, and Asia to transform their businesses and lives, and achieve new heights of power, freedom, and fulfillment. 

Hulan believes that every entrepreneur possesses untapped potential and a unique brilliance that can be unlocked through their subconscious mind. Her mission is to unlock this potential to become the best version of themselves and to attain a bold future of abundance and impact.